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1. Learning About Lithium Batteries

The commonly used types of lithium batteries are lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, and lithium iron phosphate batteries. They differ in terms of electrolyte, battery size, and battery performance.

  1. Lithium-ion battery: Lithium-ion batteries use liquid electrolyte, with the positive electrode material typically being an oxide. They offer high energy density and operating voltage, and are widely used in mobile devices, power tools, electric vehicles, and more.
  1. Lithium polymer battery: Lithium polymer batteries use a polymer gel as the electrolyte, with the positive and negative electrode materials typically being oxides. They offer high energy density and smaller size, making them suitable for thin electronic products and mobile devices.
  1. Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4 battery): Lithium iron phosphate batteries use lithium iron phosphate as the positive electrode material. They offer high safety and cycle life, and are widely used in electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and more.
2. What is BMS ?

BMS stands for Battery Management System.

It is an electronic system used to monitor, control, and protect the performance and safety of a battery pack.

The main functions of a BMS include the following:

  1. Battery parameter monitoring

  2. Battery protection and safety control

  3. Battery balancing control

  4. Communication and data management

3. Why is BMS required for lithium battery packs ?

 The BMS is an important component of a lithium battery pack, providing functions such as battery protection, balancing, and monitoring, ensuring the safe operation of the battery pack, and extending the battery’s service life.

Lithium battery packs without a BMS are prone to issues like overcharging, overdischarging, cell imbalance, and safety risks. These problems can significantly reduce the performance, safety, and lifespan of the battery pack.

4. What types of BMS are there ?

The application scenarios of BMS in battery packs can be divided into the following types:

  1. Electric Tools BMS
  2. Electric Vehicles BMS
  3. High Power BMS
  4. Energy Storage BMS
  5. Car Start BMS
  6. other

BMS can be classified into the following types based on their functions:

  1. Standard BMS (Hardware BMS)
  2. Smart BMS
5. What difference between Smart BMS and Hardware BMS ?

Smart BMS is equipped with advanced features such as data monitoring, communication interfaces, and intelligent algorithms. These capabilities allow it to gather real-time data, analyze battery performance, and communicate with external systems or applications. 

Hardware BMS typically focuses on basic functions like cell voltage monitoring, temperature monitoring, and protection mechanisms. 

6. What is Lithium Battery Balancing Board ?

Lithium battery balancing boards are primarily used to balance the charge status of individual cells within a battery pack, ensuring that each cell reaches the same charge level to improve overall performance and lifespan of the battery pack.

Capacitive balancing and inductive balancing are two common methods of battery balancing.

Capacitive balancing involves connecting capacitors to each individual cell and balancing the charge within the battery pack through charging and discharging. Capacitive balancing modules have an automatic balancing architecture, allowing the entire battery pack to actively participate in energy transfer for fast and high-current balancing of voltage differences between cells.

Inductive balancing adjusts the current between battery cells using inductors and resistors to achieve balance. Resistors adjust the voltage difference through heat dissipation. Inductive balancing modules trigger balancing when the voltage difference between adjacent cells exceeds 0.1V and stop working when the voltage difference between adjacent cells is within 0.03V.

How to Choose BMS?

Choosing a BMS depends on various factors such as the type of battery, voltage rating, capacity, and the specific requirements of your application.

1. Determine your battery specifications

2. Identify the required features

3. Understand communication protocols

4. Research reputable suppliers

It’s essential to consult with experts or professionals in the field of battery management systems if you have any specific requirements or face any challenges in the selection process. They can provide you with tailored advice based on your application.

Common lithium battery voltage and current and application type

12V Lithium Battery Pack:

3S-4S NMC or 4S LFP

12V 10A-30A: Solar street light,Small power tools, etc.

12V 40-60A: Chainsaws, etc.

12V 80-500A: Emergency power supply, Car starter power supply, etc.

24V Lithium Battery Pack:

6S-7S NMC or 8S LFP

24V 10A-30A: Electric wheelchairs,etc.

24V 40A-60A: Electric scooters,etc.

24V 80A-500A: Home Energy Storage,Truck starting power, etc.

36V Lithium Battery Pack:

10S NMC or 12S LFP

36V 10A-30A: Balance scooters, etc.

36V 40A-60A: Mobility scooters, etc.

36V 80A-500A: Marine Power,Home Energy Storage, etc.

48V Lithium Battery Pack:

13S-14S NMC or 15S-16S LFP

48V 10A-30A: Balance scooters, etc.

48V 40A-60A: Electric two-wheeled vehicle, Electric three-wheeled vehicle, etc.

48V 80A-500A: Electric Golf Cart, Caravan Energy Storage Systems,etc.

60V Lithium Battery Pack:

16S-17S NMC or 20S LFP

60V 20A-40A: Electric two-wheeled vehicle, etc.

60V 50A-80A: Electric three-wheeled vehicle, etc.

60V 100A-500A: Electric forklift truck, etc.

72V Lithium Battery Pack:

20S NMC or 24S LFP

72V 20A-40A: Electric two-wheeled vehicle, etc.

72V 50A-80A: Electric three-wheeled vehicle, Electric Motorcycle ,etc.

72V 100A-500A: Low-speed electric car ,etc.

The above are common use scenarios, specific different products need to depend on the manufacturer’s design voltage and current;

Detailed explanation of BMS parameters and selection cases
ANT BMS 7S 8S 9S 10S 11S 12S 13S 14S 15S 16S 40A 80A 110A 130A 170A 240A 380A Smart 24V-60V Lifepo4 li-ion LTO Battery Protection Board (14)

Detailed explanation of BMS parameters:

Battery type: NMC

Strings: Max. 21S

Continous Current: 200A


BMS Current=Power/(Strings*Single cutoff voltage)*Ratio

1:  NMC Single cutoff voltage: 2.7V, LFP Single cutoff voltage: 2.2V.

2:  Ratio for energy storage=1.5, Ratio for Power batteries=2.0-4.0

I want to set up a set of maximum output power of 3000W energy storage battery pack, with 16S of 48V 200A lithium iron phosphate batteries, how should I choose the protection plate?


So we should go with LFP 16S 150A BMS.

How long is the warranty on the BMS I purchased?

Warranty Statement:

Thank you for choosing our ANT BMS. We stand behind the quality of our product and offer a warranty period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

This warranty covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions in the BMS under normal usage conditions. It does not cover damages caused by human intervention, water damage, or misuse.

Please note that any damages resulting from manual tampering, exposure to water, or incorrect operation leading to burning are not covered by this warranty.

To make a warranty claim, please provide proof of purchase and contact our customer support team. Our team will assess the issue and provide instructions on how to proceed.

We appreciate your understanding of the limitations of this warranty. Our goal is to deliver a reliable and high-quality BMS, and we are dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

Thank you for choosing our BMS.

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