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ANT BMS 17S-24S Smart Lifepo4 li-ion LTO Battery Protection Board



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17-24S Compatible Ant Smart BMS for LifePO4 Li-ion LTO Battery 125A 250A 325A 425A 550A 850A Peak Current Protection Board



● Number of Battery Strings:17S to 24S.
● Power supply mode:The battery pack is self-powered and 20-80V DC input.
●Single cell voltage detection range:0-5V,error<20mV over full operating range,Typical error value<10mV.
● Support single cell voltage dropout detection.
● Balance current:100mA,Passive balance.
● Wiring method:same port.
● Short Circuit Protection:Support.
● Bluetooth Function:Bluetooth Built-in,Support for Android /IOS Phone.
● Temperature detection:-40~125℃.
● Total voltage detection Detection range:0-100V,<0.5%FSR(FSR=full scale).
●Current Sense Shunt:-150A~300A,Error<0.5%FSR.
●SoC estimation accuracy:Error<8%(operating conditions).
● Battery remaining capacity:error range is less than 8%
● Total Cycle AH Cumulative value is half of the charge/discharge value.
●Operating power consumption:<5mA(without communication)/15mA(485/CAN).
● Standby power consumption:<2mA.
●Operating Temperature:-40~85°C.
● Storing Temperature:-40~95℃.

Note :please carefully check the version you need before you place order !!!

It is with built-in bluetooth and support for Android and Iphone APP to monitor

please contact us for newest app and other documents before you use !!!

Note: The cable is connected from the first black wire on the far right to the total negative electrode of the battery pack, which

is the negative electrode of the first cell of batteries.

Then start from the black wire and start from the first white wire from right to left to the first cell, second cell, third cell

of the battery and so on, and connect to the positive electrode of each cell in sequence. The minimum number of cells to be

connected is 8S, and the batteries of less than 32S are not left empty. After connecting, use a multi-meter to measure the voltage

on the plug row. There is no problem to confirm that the voltage is correct before plugging into the protection board The same

wire is connected to a red wire, regardless of its color), note that the last red wire on the third and last socket is B + which

supplies power to the protection board. It is connected to the cable of the last cell of batteries. That is to say, two wires need

to be connected to the bms on the last positive pole of the battery. There is a hole behind the last red wire of the third socket

and B + is redundant. You can leave it alone. Other instructions are the same as the 24S protection board

Additional information

Charge Voltage

LifePo4: S*3.65V / Li-ion: S*3.4.2V / LTO:S*2.8V

Over Charge Detect Voltage


Over Charge Protection Delay


Over Charge Release Voltage


Balance Detect Voltage


Balance Current


Balance Method

Passive Balance(Full State On)

Single Cell Voltage Range


Voltage Acquistion Accuracy

Single Voltage:0.001,Total voltage:0.01

Total Voltage Detection Range

0-100V,<0.5% FSR(FSR =full scale)

Over Discharge Detect Voltage


Over Discharge Protection Delay


Over Discharge Release Yoltage


Short Circuit Protection


Quantity of Temperature Detection

2 Pcs

Temperature Protection Degress


Working Temp Range


Storing Temp Range


Wiring Method

Same Port

Coulomb Counter


Bluetooth Function

Support for Android / IOS Phone

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