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ANT BMS Specification Collection

Product overview:
ANT BMS is an integrated battery management system. Its key features encompass individual cell voltage monitoring, temperature sensing, high voltage detection, battery balancing, customizable CAN/485/TTL communication, GPRS, Bluetooth (mobile application), sleep-wake functionality, delayed power cutoff, remaining capacity assessment, MOS control, and more.

ANT BMS 16S wiring diagram
ANT BMS 16S wiring diagram


ANT BMS Specifications and wiring diagram:

3-4S ANT BMS Series
7-16S ANT BMS Series
8-20S ANT BMS Series
8-22S ANT BMS Series
17-24S 13-24S ANT BMS Series
10-24S ANT BMS Series
10-32S ANT BMS Series
21-30S ANT BMS Series
4-8S ANT BMS Series

Detailed wiring diagram:

ANT BMS - Android
ANT BMS - Windows